Fram Filters Australia Warranty

  1. FRAM Filters are designed to meet motor manufacturers requirements for fit and function and are warranted against defects in design, materials and workmanship.
  2. In the event of a FRAM filter being defective during the Service Life of the filter and the defect being attributed to the design, workmanship or the materials used, FRAM will supply a replacement filter free of charge. For the purpose of this warranty “Service Life” shall mean the service interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer for the specific vehicle to which the filter was fitted.
  3. In the event a FRAM filter is found to be defective and has caused an engine failure as a direct result of the defective filter, FRAM will pay the cost of restoring the engine to a condition equivalent to that just before failure, subject to the provision that the liability will in no event exceed the value of the engine just before failure.
  4. FRAM shall have no liability whatsoever other than or beyond that specified in paragraph 2 & 3 above, and shall not in any case be liable unless:

4.1 The filter which is alleged to be defective is returned to FRAM or a person nominated by FRAM, for examination;
4.2 FRAM or its nominated agent is afforded immediate access to the engine and damaged parts;
4.3 FRAM acknowledges that the filter was defective or it is proved, if necessary, by an arbitrator appointed jointly by FRAM and the purchaser, that the filter was defective;
4.4 Full details of repair or other costs are submitted to FRAM.

Vehicle Manufactures Warranties

All vehicle manufacturers provide warranties on their vehicles.  New vehicles warranty terms and conditions remain in effect when FRAM filters are installed provided that the correct filter for the vehicle (as per the current FRAM catalogue) is installed correctly within the service interval specified by the manufacturer.*

The Competition and Consumer Act

The FRAM warranty shall in no way limits the application of statutory consumer guarantees provided for under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 which provides additional guarantees to consumers regardless of warranties provided by FRAM or Motor Manufacturers and regardless of whether the vehicle is serviced by the authorized dealers or independent workshops.

Importantly vehicle manufacturers whose warranty is conditional upon the vehicle being service by an authorized dealer may be contravening the Exclusive Dealing provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act (Section 47).

This warranty does not cover any Product that:

a) has been subject to misuse, neglect, negligence, accident or casualty; b) has been improperly installed; c) has been installed in any performance or modified engine application including but not limited to street, strip, race, drag, drifting and circuit racing; d) has been installed in any vehicle that has been changed, altered or modified from original specification; e) is not referenced / catalogued  for the engine  it has been installed in; f) has remained in service beyond the original equipment recommended change interval.


*It is important to that you check the terms of any manufacturer’s vehicle warranty/extended warranty before servicing your vehicle.