FRAM Oil Filters

Prevent engine wear by trapping oil borne dirt

Oil filters keep your oil clean and dirt away from your engine

Oil is used in an engine to lubricate its moving parts. As the oil circulates in the engine it picks up rust, metal shavings and dirt. The oil filter removes this debris from the oil to prevent engine wear caused by these foreign particles, keeping the oil in the engine clean.  

What happens if you don’t regularly replace your oil filter? The oil filter becomes clogged with dirt and oil flow is restricted. A filter relief valve is built into the filtering system, located either in the engine, oil filter base (attached to the engine) or in the filter itself.

Under normal operating conditions this valve is closed. However, whenever the filter becomes clogged with dirt and restrictive to oil flow, the valve will open and supply oil directly to the engine. The oil carrying dirt, rust and metal shavings will enter the engine, potentially causing irreparable damage.

What type of oil filter does my car need?  The oil filter is determined by the vehicle manufacturer. Look in your service handbook for the filter part number OR look up your vehicle in our catalogue HERE.

Replace your oil filters every 10,000 – 20,000 km or as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook.

The FRAM Oil Filter Range consists of:

FRAM Filters – Performance Driven.