Filpro Automotive is a leading supplier of automotive aftermarket products, with established warehousing and distribution networks within New Zealand and Australia. Filpro are partnered with market leading brands and world class manufacturers, delivering a range of industry-leading products which include FRAM Filters, Safeline Brakes, Indy Oil, Prestone, Redex, Simoniz and Holts products. This impressive portfolio carries collectively more than 500 years of heritage with some brands having 100 years or more of production.


You may have heard of FRAM in past years, understandably, as the brand was established in 1932, and Filpro Automotive is re-introducing the world class filter brand into the Australian aftermarket. FRAM is a global filtration brand that is available in 174 countries, and is the number 1 selling filter brand in North America. Having 87 years of experience, research and development, makes FRAM a market leader in filter technology. FRAM designs, develops, tests and manufactures filters to meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer’s filtration specifications, and is supplied to nine of the top ten OE brands, in oil, air, fuel and cabin filtration.


We all know how important oil, air and fuel filters are for the running of any vehicle, so when it comes to choosing filters for your customers’ vehicles, by using FRAM Filters, you’re choosing an industry leading product, with great quality and competitive pricing.

FRAM products are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, with multimillion-dollar test rigs giving them the capabilities to test OEM- ISO/SAE/JIC specifications.

FRAM Filters surpass the following ISO manufacturing standards:

ISO 2949 Element integrity
ISO 4548-12 Filtration efficiency
ISO 19438 Filtration efficiency
ISO 4548-4 Hydrostatic burst pressure
ISO 4020 Pressure impulse fatigue
ISO 4548-5 Hydraulic pulse durability
ISO 4548-9 Inlet and Outlet anti-drain back valve
ISO 4548-2 Element by-pass valve characteristics
ISO 4548-1 Resistance to flow
ISO 5011 Dust holding capacity and efficiency

For FRAM, it’s the constant research, testing and development that helps to keep them up to date and relevant in the advancing technologies within the industry.


It’s what’s inside the filter that really counts. The key to filter performance is the quantity and quality of the material used in the filter media. FRAM ensures that all incoming raw materials meet their quality standards before production. The filter media is made of cellulose fibres, synthetic materials or a blend of both, to provide an ideal balance of efficiency and flow, allowing the correct flow of oil, air or fuel to pass through to meet the needs of the engine.


Using a blend of cellulose and synthetic microscopic fibres, the media inside FRAM Oil Filters provides a perfect balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity. For engine protection, anti-drain back valves prevent damaging ‘dry starts’ by holding oil in the filter when the engine is off, and for today’s longer drain intervals. Also engineered for use with conventional or synthetic oil, these filters are the go-to product for drivers in stop-and-go traffic, pushing their vehicles with towing and driving in extreme weather conditions.


Constructed with advanced features to protect engines in strenuous driving conditions, like driving on dirty, dusty roads to idling in heavy traffic, the advanced media technology that has been stringently tested protects engines in these conditions. Meeting the OE fit and function requirements, FRAM air filters are engineered to prevent contaminants from entering your vehicles engine.

Before you buy your next filter, think about choosing FRAM.