FRAM Air Filters

Ensure better engine performance and superior fuel economy

Air filters remove contaminants in the air entering the engine

Air mixes with fuel before entering the combustion chamber and any dirt in the air will damage the combustion chamber and pistons. Air filters remove contaminants from the air entering the engine, thus protecting the combustion chamber from the damaging effects of airborne dirt.

A FRAM air filter will ensure optimum engine combustion by creating the ideal balance in air/fuel mixture. FRAM Air filters improve the air flow in the engine and allow for better engine performance and superior fuel economy.

FRAM air filters contain fine media paper to ensure that all sizes of dirt is collected and removed from the air entering the engine. Correct fineness and pleat geometry provides filter stability. We utilise moisture resistant media paper to ensure the media is not adversely affected by airborne moisture in the in-take air.

FRAM panel air filters have the right density PU to ensure a tight fit in the air filter housing. Therefore no air by-pass is allowed, ensuring the engine is protected from the airborne dirt.

Don’t starve your engine of air! Improved air flow to the engine equals better engine performance and superior fuel economy.


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On average, air filters should be replaced every 20,000 – 40,000 km. However, every vehicle is unique so it is important to follow the guidelines provided in the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook.

FRAM Filters – Performance Driven.